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Quote from Marie in The Children's Book

Marie: Don't talk about sex. We're here.
Ray: We're not. Debra's thinking of writing a book.
Frank: A sex book?
Debra: No. A children's book. I was just thinking of trying it.
Marie: Oh, I have a wonderful story for you, Debra. When Robert was 10, he was in Little League. And before one of his games, I asked if he had to go to the bathroom. And he said no. So it's his turn with the bat and sure enough, he wets his pants.
Ray: Oh, isn't that charming?
Robert: [enters] Hey. [awkward silence] ls this about me?


 ‘The Children's Book’ Quotes

Quote from Frank

Frank: I tell you what. Whatever you do, I'll do the pictures for it.
Debra: Pictures?
Frank: I've dabbled in the visual arts. I've painted some bullfighters, some nudes.
Marie: You painted naked ladies off a deck of dirty cards.
Frank: I had to. After Robert was born, you stopped posing for me.
Marie: Frank!
Robert: What?
Ray: Oh. Okay, I have to gouge out my eyes.
Robert: You can't gouge out your mind's eye.

Quote from Marie

Frank: Your mother was just telling the story of how you wet your pants at home plate.
Robert: Ma.
Marie: It's for Debra's children's book.
Robert: It's gonna be in a book?
Debra: No, Marie. Marie, please, I don't think I'm gonna use the story.
Robert: That's my story. You can't use it. I have the rights to that story.
Debra: Robert, I'm not using the story.
Marie: Why not? It's an important story. It has a moral about how kids shouldn't tease other kids and how you should listen to your mother and not hold it.

Quote from Frank

Frank: Debra, sweetheart, settle a bet. ls this container microwavable?
Debra: No, Frank.
Marie: [o.s.] I told you that wasn't the sauce. You're eating melted plastic.
Frank: Wow, everything is better with cheese on it.