Lois Quote #2

Quote from Lois in In-Laws

Warren: Frank, I assure you, it's okay. We've been here before.
Frank: So you don't even know when you're being taken?
Ray: Dad, nobody's being taken, all right? Calm down. Just try to enjoy yourself.
Debra: Frank has an eye for value.
Marie: You're really comfortable in a place like this? I mean, it seems so unnecessary.
Lois: Well, of course, it's not necessary, Marie. It's a luxury. But sometimes a little luxury is necessary.
Marie: What does that mean?


 ‘In-Laws’ Quotes

Quote from Frank

Frank: What kind of food do they serve here?
Debra: I believe it's French.
Warren: Ever been to France?
Marie: Oh, no, we're not world travelers.
Lois: Oh, France is so lovely. You have to go.
Frank: I don't appreciate the French... as a people. I find them annoying. Truly.

Quote from Frank

Lois: Oh, I love Stomp.
Frank: Who's Stomp?
Debra: It's sort of like a rhythmic dance. These guys, sort of bang together anything they can find... trash cans, hub caps, brooms.
Frank: And you loved it?
Lois: Oh. Loved it. We're going back.
Frank: How much do they charge for this?
Warren: $40.
Frank: For $20, I'll bang on my garbage cans till your ears bleed.

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Quote from Fighting In-Laws

Marie: Is everything all right, dear?
Lois: Oh, he is just impossible.
Marie: Go on.
Debra: Mom? Are you-
Marie: It's all right, dear. We're talking.
Lois: I am so tired of my opinion counting for nothing! Everything has to be his way! I swear, ever since he retired, it's not like I'm his wife anymore, I'm his employee, and it's all I can do to keep from strangling him.
Marie: I feel so close to you.
Lois: Do you know he makes me iron his jeans? He insists that they have a crease.
Marie: At least he can wear jeans. The last time I got a pair for Frank, it was from the maternity jeans. And I told him they were just stretchy. [Marie and Lois hug]
Debra: Oh, my God.

Quote from Call Me Mom

Marie: Well, pardon me for saying it, but isn't that a little hypocritical? I mean, here I am, ready to embrace this.
Lois: I know, and pardon me for saying this, but maybe in this case it really isn't up to you. I mean, well, heaven forbid you don't get your way for once. [laughs]
Marie: [faint chuckle] May I just ask, what the hell is that supposed to mean?
Lois: I'm just going by what I see around here.
Marie: At least I'm always here, not like some mothers.
Lois: Well, some mothers might say that you're here a little too much.