Warren Quote #1

Quote from Warren in In-Laws

Lois: Honey, this is beautiful. I love Peruvian art.
Debra: It's Incan.
Lois: Machu Picchu.
Warren: Gesundheit.
Lois: He always says that.
Ray: And it's funny every time.


 ‘In-Laws’ Quotes

Quote from Frank

Frank: What kind of food do they serve here?
Debra: I believe it's French.
Warren: Ever been to France?
Marie: Oh, no, we're not world travelers.
Lois: Oh, France is so lovely. You have to go.
Frank: I don't appreciate the French... as a people. I find them annoying. Truly.

Quote from Frank

Lois: Oh, I love Stomp.
Frank: Who's Stomp?
Debra: It's sort of like a rhythmic dance. These guys, sort of bang together anything they can find... trash cans, hub caps, brooms.
Frank: And you loved it?
Lois: Oh. Loved it. We're going back.
Frank: How much do they charge for this?
Warren: $40.
Frank: For $20, I'll bang on my garbage cans till your ears bleed.

Quote from Robert

Robert: Isn't this one of those joints with those dressed-up waiters?
Ray: Yeah. What's wrong with dressed-up waiters?
Robert: They give me the willies. They just put me on the spot, you know? It's like authority figures.
Ray: Authority figures? You're a police sergeant. You out-rank the waiter.
Robert: Yeah, but how is he going to know?