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Quote from Debra in Pat's Secret

Robert: [to Hank] Look, I know you're upset, but I think what your wife did is actually pretty common between married couples. It wasn't lying, it was more like she was just letting off steam, so you don't let it out on the person you love. You know? Like Ray, he has to drive around the block a few times every night listening to the radio before he goes home to face Debra.
Ray: Are you crazy? I don't-
Debra: All right, save it, Ray. You don't think I've seen you circling the block, all hunched over, just a big nose and a steering wheel going around?
Ray: So you know and you don't say anything?
Debra: No, I know and I get mad. And that's why after you leave I eat chocolate all day until you get home.
Hank: That's a lot of sugar, Debra.
Marie: Is that in addition to the drinking?


 ‘Pat's Secret’ Quotes

Quote from Marie

Robert: All right. There was this new guy at work who smokes, and he's... And he's really popular, and I just wanted to fit in. But I didn't even like it. It made me throw up.
Marie: No more lying. You're a smoker!
Hank: Is everything all right?
Marie: Everything's horrible! Robert smokes!
Hank: No!
Marie: Don't you know that smoking can stunt your growth?

Quote from Pat

Robert: Oh, hi. Is everything all right? [Pat nods her head] What, can't sleep? [Pat shakes her head] Yeah, me neither.
[Pat finally breathes and lets out a puff of smoke]
Pat: Your mom's cacciatore was very spicy.
Robert: Wow!
Pat: Oh, Robert, please don't tell anyone I smoke.
Robert: No, no, I won't.
Pat: It's my dirty little secret. I don't smoke a lot, just three a day. I've tried to quit but they're so...
Robert: Addictive.
Pat: I was gonna say "wonderfully relaxing."

Quote from Pat

Robert: So, no one knows? Not Hank?
Pat: Oh, goodness, no.
Robert: Not even Raymond?
Pat: No. [Robert smiles]
Robert: So, if you don't mind me asking, how have you been able to keep it hidden?
Pat: It's not easy. I buy my cigarettes two counties over where no one knows me.
Robert: But you never smell like smoke.
Pat: I only smoke outside. I hold it downwind and I always have plenty of minty chewing gum. In fact, Hank thinks gum-chewing is my bad habit.