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Quote from Marie in Favors

Debra: Marie. What- I don't know what to say.
Marie: You don't have to say anything, dear.
Debra: Thank you.
Marie: It was nothing. Who knows? Someday I may ask you for a favor.
Debra: Oh, of course. Of course, I will do anything.
Marie: Good. We have an understanding. Let's have some cake.


 ‘Favors’ Quotes

Quote from Marie

Robert: It was you? Oh my God, I'm sorry, Ma. I've been giving you the silent treatment all week.
Marie: You have?

Quote from Marie

Frank: Where the hell are all my clothes?
Marie: Debra took them.
Frank: Why would you take my clothes?
Marie: I'm really very upset with you, Debra.
Debra: I'm sorry, Frank.
Frank: Where the hell are they? [Debra looks to Marie]
Marie: Well, Debra said she was gonna have them cleaned. Why don't you tell him how you were over at our house and the boy came to the door?
Debra: A boy came to the door. [Debra looks back at Marie]
Marie: And he said he was with a new dry-cleaners and that he was trying to make some money for college and Debra decided to help him out.
Frank: He was going door to door? That doesn't make any sense.
Marie: It sounds a little fishy to me, Debra.

Quote from Marie

Marie: I know. I'm sorry. I mean, there was so much stuff in the drawer and I was just trying to clean up. And I know I shouldn't be doing that. Right, Debra?
Debra: Yes. Yes. How many times have I told you we can clean our house ourselves?
Marie: I know, I don't listen.
Debra: I guess you don't.
Ray: Do you have any idea what you've done?
Marie: Oh, I apologize, Raymond. It breaks my heart to hurt you. And if there's anything... [sobs] If there's anything I can... [cries]
Ray: Oh, no. No, you don't. No. You don't cry. I cry. You come uninvited into my house and you go into a private drawer and you throw out the best thing that's happened to me in years. Oh. It's at the dump, Ma. It's at the dump! [exits]
Marie: [stops crying] There we go.