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Quote from Ray in Slave

Debra: It would have to happen right in front of her.
Ray: Yeah. But if you think about it, everything we do happens right in front of her.
Debra: Are we terrible parents?
Ray: Probably. But you know what? I mean, how bad could we be? Look. Look at her. She did great. She took care of everything. We must be doing something right. We raised a kid who's raising the rest of the kids.


 ‘Slave’ Quotes

Quote from Marie

Debra: I'll get that.
Ally: I can do it.
Debra: No, honey, you've helped Mommy out enough.
Marie: Yes, you have, dear, and thank God for you. You have learned responsibility and cooking against all odds.

Quote from Frank

Marie: I think this whole topic is inappropriate. Ally should not be paid because the child shouldn't be working. She should be out chasing butterflies and hopping scotch.
Frank: Okay. Here are her demands: $10 per hour, bedtime of her choosing, an assortment of sugary breakfast cereals.
Robert: Ooh, Lucky Charms just added a new marshmallow shape. Rainbows.
Frank: Uh, she also wants a bucket of chicken, and her grandmother should take a long vacation. That's my commission.

Quote from Frank

Frank: You wanna crunch numbers? Let's crunch. I understand you do not receive compensation.
Ally: What?
Frank: They're not paying you.
Ray: Okay. All right. Dad, we get it.
Frank: No. I'm glad you pointed out what a bad father I was. I would hate to see you make the same mistake.
How does $10 an hour grab you?
Debra: Frank.
Frank: Excuse me. I'm talking to my client. You like nice things, don't you? Party shoes, taffy, dolls that pee.
Debra: Okay. Frank, we give Ally all that she needs.
Frank: That is management talking.