Frank Quote #765

Quote from Frank in Debra at the Lodge

Ray: Mom's bridge club apparently is a little upset over Debra working for you guys.
Mrs. Pechi: She's a floozy.
Frank: Aw, come on. She just does some paperwork for us.
Mrs. Lopman: She's got my Joe gobbling heart pills.
Frank: Your husband's gobbling heart pills because he's had a 50-year love affair with ham.
Hilda: So how come this week Artie used up a full bottle of Aqua Velva?
Frank: Because we couldn't get him to use two bottles. No offense, but your husband has a problem. We can smell him underwater.
Mrs. Lopman: I smell a cover-up.
Frank: You know what? You ladies are outta your minds. Now I'm gonna watch the football game with my pants off.


 ‘Debra at the Lodge’ Quotes

Quote from Ray

Debra: I mean, those guys compliment me on my ideas and tell me how great I'm doin'. They're completely grateful to have me around. And you know what? I bet those gentlemen could teach you a thing or two.
Ray: Like what, how to wear my pants up high?
Debra: All right, that's enough jokes, Ray.
Ray: Yeah. Grow hair out of my ears.
Debra: Enough, Ray.
Ray: Drive with my blinker on.
Debra: Ray!
Ray: Okay. Sorry. Yell at a squirrel. [Debra turns the bedside lamp off] Reuse a tea bag.

Quote from Frank

Frank: Marie, come back here.
Marie: Your father is impossible.
Frank: You know I don't like my orange juice with pulp.
Marie: It says right here, "no pulp."
Frank: You and that are liars.

Quote from Marie

Marie: The Caribou Lodge is closed today, so he's hanging around the house and he's making me miserable.
Frank: You ain't doin' that much for me either.
Robert: What do you mean the lodge is closed?
Frank: We're having some financial trouble due to a recent thinning of the herd.
Amy: "Thinning of the herd"?
Marie: The old men are dying.