Debra Quote #537

Quote from Debra in Liars

Ray: I feel a little bad.
Debra: Why? You know what? We're pretty good at this.
Ray: I know. Maybe a little too good.
Debra: Hey, we wouldn't have to be if it wasn't for your mother. We're living in a predatory environment. We have to camouflage.


 ‘Liars’ Quotes

Quote from Frank

Marie: There was no hotel. Which means that wasn't the trick you were playing on us. So then what was it?
Ray: There was- No, nothing.
Marie: The washing machine? Having Frank fix something that wasn't broken?
Ray: Yes, that's it! Ha ha! Gotcha!
Frank: Why, you lousy big-nosed bastard!

Quote from Marie

Marie: Where's the trick in that? And why do you include Michael and Geoffrey? Hmm.
Robert: [to Amy] She's picking up a scent. Watch this.
Marie: Why did you rush the kids upstairs? The VCR. The- The kids didn't break the VCR. But why would you lie about it being broken?
Robert: This is great. I'm usually behind one-way glass during this part.
Marie: Because there was no tape for Frank to watch... Which means you did watch the football the night before... Because you didn't have a headache. You lied to me. You both did.
Debra: Oh, Marie, how can you think that? You are way off, right, Ray?
Ray: How did you do that?
Marie: I can put things together. You think I was born yesterday?
Frank: Anyone?

Quote from Frank

Marie: Robbie, I made the cacciatore for Raymond 'cause I had planned a very special evening. There are very important things we had to discuss.
Ray: Important things to discuss? You told me you wanted to watch a sports show with me.
Marie: Which we would then discuss.
Frank: Bull crap!
Marie: Frank!
Frank: She had notes prepared. They were topics for her evening with Raymond. They were all complaints. I was one of the categories. Debra was the rest of the categories.
Ray: You had notes?
Robert: I wasn't even a category.