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Quote from Frank in Raybert

Marie: Shame on you, young man!
Ray: Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
Frank: Didn't I teach you anything? You got a problem with your woman, you don't go out and get another woman! Now all you got is two problems!


 ‘Raybert’ Quotes

Quote from Robert

Ray: She is pretty, though.
Robert: What'd I tell ya?
Ray: Mmm. Way out of my league.
Robert: Mine, too.
Ray: Yeah. You know, it's like neither one of us could've gotten her on our own, but...
Robert: But melded together, we were like a whole other entity. Like a superhero. We were better than just Ray.
Ray: Better than just Robert.
Robert: We were... Raybert.

Quote from Frank

Debra: Wait, how do you know Ray?
Natasha: We met at a bar.
Marie: What do you mean? Through Robert?
Natasha: No, no, no. I met Robert through Ray 'cause Ray and I are kind of "dating."
Marie: [gasps]
Frank: Holy crap!
Debra: Wait a minute. What?
Natasha: Is there a problem?
Debra: Um, no, there's no problem. I'm just surprised that my husband has time to date.
Natasha: What? You're his wife? Ray said you were dead!
Marie: [gasps]
Frank: Holy crap!

Quote from Robert

Ray: Hey! Whoa! Wait a minute. Wait a minute. If she knows my writing, then... then she must know I have a wife.
Robert: Had, had a wife.
Ray: You said I was divorced?
Robert: Widower.
Ray: You killed Debra?
Robert: Had to be done. But don't worry. You stuck by her through a very long illness. You were wonderful. Oh, and just so you know, you never had any children.
Ray: What?!
Robert: I couldn't leave any loose ends.