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Quote from Amy in Let's Fix Robert

Marie: Say hello, Robbie.
Robert: Hello, Amy. Hello, Stefania. Hello, Amy and Stefania. Together in my mother's living room.
Stefania: Roberto.
Amy: Bastardo.


 ‘Let's Fix Robert’ Quotes

Quote from Amy

Amy: You're Stefania?
Stefania: Si. And you are?
Amy: I'm Amy. Robert's other ex-girlfriend. Or as I'll be known as from now on, the plain one.

Quote from Marie

Marie: All right, Robbie. You don't seem to be helping anymore, so maybe you should go now.
Robert: Fine. Fine. I don't know why the hell I even sat down for this all-you-can-eat character assassination. And for your information with regards to the onions, I happen to have taste buds that are more sensitive to savory than sweet, Judy. [exits]
Marie: For some reason, and it's a mystery to me, I'm the only woman he gets along with.

Quote from Amy

Stefania: You were also Roberto's girlfriend?
Amy: As a matter of fact, pretty much at the same time you were.
Debra: I was looking at your red wines. Which Chianti would arrive the soonest?
Stefania: But Roberto did not ever speak of you.
Amy: Yeah, he was good like that.
Stefania: Oh! If I had known... Non abbastanza mi lascia, ora scopro di essere "l'altra donna". bastardo!
Amy: I'm not sure what you said, but I like how it ended.