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Quote from Amy in Meant to Be

Amy: You've been talking to Joanne about getting back together. For how long, sweetie?
Robert: I don't know. Before Italy, but see, that's why I'm telling you, because I wanna be totally honest, because I feel that we are meant to be.
Amy: Meant to be.
Robert: Don't you?
Amy: Let me see. You've been talking with your ex-wife for over a month behind my back-
Robert: Well, yeah, but see you're not focusing on the positive part of the story.
Amy: Oh, but I am, Robert. I'm happy. I mean, this is all such wonderful news. You've been deceitful and you're settling for me. But, hey, before I get really really really happy, is there anything else you want to share with me?
Robert: No.
Amy: Well, good, because I don't think I could get much happier. And thank you for another fabulous evening. Tonight, I'm taking the leftovers. I'll be in the office tomorrow if anybody wants to send me flowers.
Robert: [to the waitress] Perhaps we should cancel the spumoni.


 ‘Meant to Be’ Quotes

Quote from Robert

Debra: Why would you get involved with someone else when you already have a relationship? What, does juggling three women at a time make you cool? [they look to Ray]
Ray: Uncool.
Debra: You know, if that's the only way that you can build your self-esteem, then you are pathetic, and you don't deserve to be with anyone.
Robert: That's easy for you to say.
Debra: What was that?
Ray: Lay down, play dead.
Robert: We all know about you, okay, Deb? You were popular. You juggled guys all the time. How many guys asked you to your senior prom, huh? Five, six? You wanna know who I took to my prom? Our Cousin Nellie.
Ray: He threw up on her.
Robert: Somebody spiked the punch!

Quote from Debra

Robert: Could I get some frozen baby peas, Deb?
Debra: You know what, Robert? You get your own damn peas.
Robert: What what, are you mad at me? What did I do?
Debra: What did you do?
Robert: Hey, look, you're the one who told Amy about Stefania in the first place. You should be apologizing to me.
[Debra turns around and gives Robert the look. Ray backs away and hides behind the couch]
Debra: And what you should have done is tell Amy the truth about everything. Or better yet, not be such a pig in the first place.
Robert: That's the worst apology I've ever gotten.

Quote from Amy

Robert: Oh, good, Amy, you're here. I'm gonna need your office address.
Amy: Who the hell is Stefania?
Robert: Uh... uh... uh...
Amy: Sounds like a girl's name. Girl you met in Italy?
Robert: Uh...
Amy: What did you do with her in Italy?
Robert: Very little.
[Amy steps up onto the couch and slaps Robert across the face]
Robert: I'm sorry.
[Amy steps down off the couch, walks over to the door and then turns back. She jumps up on the couch and once again slaps Robert across the face]
Amy: I saved myself for you.
Robert: Really sorry.
Amy: Goodbye, Robert. [exits]
Robert: But we're meant to be.
Ray: When she got up on the couch the second time, what did you think she was gonna do?