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Quote from Robert in Robert's Divorce

Joanne: What are you doing? What are you doing? You're supposed to be studying for your sergeant's exam! How are we ever gonna afford anything nice if this is how you study!?
Robert: I'm taking a cartoon break and eating a banana!
Joanne: That's great! You're gonna put it off till the last minute, and then guess what? You'll be watching cartoons full time and coming to me for banana money! [doorbell rings] [o.s.] Hey, you think you can asnwer the door?
Ray: Hey.
Robert: Hey. What do you want?
Ray: Um, well, I wanted to come by and apologize for everybody yesterday.
Robert: Let me tell you something, none of you know her the way I do.
Ray: Yeah, yeah, I know, chemistry. But, um, I gotta tell you, I did just kinda overhear about the banana money.


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Quote from Frank

Frank: Where's the guy with the water already? I'm dying here.
Marie: Good. Before you go, would you make a toast?
Frank: Okay. Here's to water. The earth is covered with it. Where the hell is my share?

Quote from Frank

Amy: Oh my God, so that's Robert's ex-wife?
Debra: Yep, the infamous Joanne.
Marie: [spits]
Ray: Mom, stuff's coming out!
Frank: I almost didn't recognize her without her broomstick and flying monkeys.

Quote from Ray

Robert: Three minutes ago I was watching cartoons and eating a banana. She still there?
Ray: No. What's scary is, I think I just saw a bat fly away.