Marie Quote #241

Quote from Marie in How They Met

Marie: Robby, your father's coming home soon.
Robert: Yeah?
Marie: You're sitting in his chair. You know how upset he gets if he sees your imprint in his chair. [doorbell rings]
Robert: He can kiss my imprint.
Marie: It's just that he's working so hard, that's all. I can't wait till your father retires. Oh, he's gonna be so much more pleasant then.


 ‘How They Met’ Quotes

Quote from Debra

Debra: Hi.
Ray: Hey, there, cummerbund. What are you doing? Oh, what's for dinner?
Debra: Lemon chicken.
Ray: Again?
Debra: What did you make?
Ray: Nothing.
Debra: Okay, you can have that and we'll have the lemon chicken.

Quote from Ray

Debra: Ally made a new friend. Daniel.
Ray: Daniel? A boy?
Ally: He's coming over on Sunday.
Ray: Coming over, yeah? Don't you think you should meet for coffee and see how that goes? Well, Ally, I'm looking forward to meeting your gentleman caller. And I hope Daniel realizes that he's getting involved with a very special young lady. [Ally looks to her mother]
Debra: Don't worry, honey. Daddy won't be here when he comes over.
Ally: Good.
Ray: You're gonna want me there when it's time to pay for the wedding, though, aren't you?

Quote from Robert

Robert: Totally naked?
Ray: Yup.
Robert: Totally naked? A beautiful woman totally naked facing you?
Ray: Yes.
Robert: Another gift for Raymond. I burst into places all the time. I raid massage parlors. You know who I get to see naked? Fat guys. Fat hairy bald guys. You get to go out with a naked girl.