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Quote from Robert in Ray Home Alone

Robert: Listen to your big brother. Okay? Watch some TV. Discovery Channel, cubby. Nature will put you right out.
Ray: Yeah, yeah. Unless it's about monkeys, right?
Robert: What's that suppose to mean?
Ray: Nothing. I just, uh, I remember a particular shoetree in your closet that had a shadow...
Robert: All right!
Ray: ...that you thought looked like a monkey holding an axe.
Robert: Hey, listen, I was 10 years old and my shoetrees were big.
Ray: Pointy holes and an axe.
Robert: Yeah, I'm over it now, Raymond!
Ray: Oh, yeah? Got any shoetrees in your closet? [grunts like a chimp]
Robert: It's none of your business and it's time for you to go. All right, get outta here!
Ray: This place is stupid.
Robert: Yeah. Oh, and, uh, good luck in that big, dark house you're gonna be all alone in. Or are you?


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Quote from Frank

Frank: Personally, I like leprechauns.
Ray: What?
Frank: Leprechauns. Cute harmless little Irish guys. And whenever I'd tell you guys a story, I'd throw in a couple of leprechauns to scare the bejesus outta you. [Irish accent] Hey, Ray? How did I know little Raymond was afraid of leprechauns?
Ray: I don't know.
Frank: Any ideas, Robert?
Robert: Oh, Dad, don't start pointing fingers, okay? That's not gonna work. Right, Ray?
Ray: That's right. How did he know about the leprechauns?
Robert: I don't know. It wasn't me. Maybe it was Ma.
Marie: I don't know anything about that. All I know is I couldn't serve you Lucky Charms.
Frank: [giggles; Irish accent] He was me little spy.

Quote from Marie

Marie: What are you talking about?
Robert: Ray's scared.
Ray: Hey, you're the one who's scared!
Marie: What do you mean? You sick? You in trouble? Someone bullying you?
Robert: No, Ma.
Marie: Then what is it? What are you scared of?
Robert: Being alone.
Marie: You mean for the rest of your life?
Robert: No, but thanks for bringing up that possibility.

Quote from Robert

Ray: You told him!
Robert: Oh, all right. Yes, I did. I told him.
Marie: Robert! Why would you do that?
Robert: I liked when he told us the stories but I didn't want to get scared. And I had no problem with leprechauns.
Ray: Oh, great! So you could sleep and I could stay up all night waiting for those little monsters to come and take me to their nest.
Robert: Nest?
Ray: That's right, nest!
Robert: Listen, I'm sorry, okay? Don't think I didn't hate myself for it. Don't forget. At that time I thought you might be half-spider.