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Quote from Marie in The Ball

Marie: Ally is 5 years old, you Scrooge. Of course we lie. We all lie. That's what holds us all together. So you go in and lie to your daughter and I'll go home and feed the man I love.


 ‘The Ball’ Quotes

Quote from Ray

Ray: But no more. I'm not gonna lie to my kids anymore.
Debra: Yes, you will, Ray.
Ray: No, I will not. I'm not gonna do to them what my father did to me. From now on, only the truth. When my kids look back at me I want them to be able to say, "Okay, I'm all screwed up from that guy, but he didn't lie."
Debra: What a lovely thought for our children, Ray.

Quote from Ray

Ray: That's good. You think she's better off now?
Debra: Oh, they were just trying to help Ray.
Ray: Yeah, let them help by paying her shrink bills when she's having nightmares about two Santas and a reindeer named Lefty.

Quote from Ray

Ray: Ho, ho, ho. Ho, ho, ho. Ally! [kicks Ally's bed] Ho, ho, ho.
Ally: Santa?
Ray: Hi, Ally.
Ally: You must be the real one.
Ray: Well, I know how much you believed in me and I just wanted to come by and say, thanks for the support.
Ally: You're welcome.
Ray: I have to go now. I have to fill all the stockings and eat all the cookies, and in general this is one of my busiest nights of the year.
Ally: Will you tuck me in, Santa?
Ray: Yeah, sure I'll tuck you in. Anything else that you need? A jug of water? A trip to the bathroom?
Ally: No, thank you.
Ray: Okay then. Sweet dreams. Always.
Ally: Santa.
Ray: Yeah?
Ally: See you next year.
Ray: Okay. Bye-bye. [trips] Oh, f-- Fa la la la la. [crawls out]