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Marie Barone: I Don't Like That, Raymond

Marie Barone - never one to shy away from expressing an opinion - would let her family know she disapproved of something with the phrase, "I don't like that..."

Quote from Marie in Debra's Workout

Frank: So what are you so upset about? Sounds like Mr. Muscle here is saving you some prep work.
Marie: I don't like that, Frank. And I have to say, Raymond, I think that Debra is playing a very dangerous game.
Frank: Oh, what are you talking about? Who cares where she gets her appetite as long as she has her meal at home?
Ray: Stop, stop!
Marie: Raymond. Raymond, you have to get Debra out of this class right now.
Frank: Why? This guy is helping out! Maybe Ray doesn't have what it takes to get Debra's motor running.
Marie: Raymond's got plenty!
Ray: Thank you! Mom! Huh! [exits]


Quote from Marie in Christmas Present

Marie: What is a DVD player?
Ray: Come on, not now, Ma, please.
Marie: Is it for pornography?
Debra: Yes, Marie, I got Ray a porn machine.
Marie: I don't like that, Debra.

Quote from Marie in Good Girls

Ray: What? Amy is a good girl? But she's 33 years old, Ma. She can't be.
Marie: She can't?
Ray: I mean, yeah, she can, but how? It's so...
Marie: Refreshing?
Ray: Wow, I don't believe it. So Amy's never let anybody cook in her kitchen, either.
Marie: I don't like that, Raymond.

Quote from Ray in Ping Pong

Frank: Take all the skin off my head, it still wouldn't cover Ray's nose.
Ray: Yeah well, I wish it would 'cause then I wouldn't have to smell your head without the skin on it.
Robert: What's that supposed to mean?
Ray: It means, shut up, that's what it means.
Marie: I don't like that, Raymond.
Ray: Well, you too.
Marie: Ooh! [Marie switches to Frank's side]
Ray: Sorry, I'm sorry.
Frank: I actually liked you on the other side better. Because the tilt of the basement was working in my favor. [Marie returns to Raymond's side]

Quote from Ray in Tissues

Ray: Wait! How 'bout we go to Marco's, huh? Just the two of us. Ma, can you take the kids to your house for dinner?
Marie: Sure. They could use a home-cooked meal.
Debra: It's okay, Marie.
Ray: No no, come on. It'll be fun, huh? Just you and me. Like when we were dating, except now I know not to expect sex after.
Marie: I don't like that, Raymond.

Quote from Marie in Mozart

Marie: What's that note?
Ray: C.
Marie: C? No, that's not a C, sweetie. Does it have a line running through it?
Ray: Yes.
Marie: Well then, how can that be a C? F-A-C-E, "face," are the ones in the spaces.
Ray: Right.
Marie: And E-G-B-D-F are the ones with the line running through it. You know that. What's E-G-B-D-F?
Ray: "Ellen Garvey's behind deserves framing."
Marie: I don't like that, Raymond.

Quote from Marie in Working Late Again

Ray: All right, thanks for stopping by and whatever.
Marie: Look at that.
Ray: Yeah, that's a fax machine, Ma. I've got a lot of important faxes coming in, and I gotta get to them, all right?
Marie: What's this one?
Ray: This is from Dave. Apparently he's faxed me... his buttocks.
Marie: I don't like that, Raymond.

Quote from Ray in Robert's Divorce

Marie: You knew she was a showgirl?! Raymond, I hope you're not keeping this kind of a secret about Debra.
Ray: You mean "Peppermint"?
Marie: I don't like that, Raymond. Thank God I live across the street from you.

Quote from Debra in The Walk to the Door

Ray: I just remember Mom saying, "If Elizabeth Garini asks you, you should go! It'll be fun!"
Debra: Oh, so your mom was pimping for you?
Marie: I don't like that, Debra.

Quote from Robert in Who Am I?

Ray: No, I know what you're saying, Debra, but I don't know. When I was in that steam room, it just felt right. I mean, I-I think it's what I've been looking for.
Robert: Sweaty man boobs?
Marie: I don't like that, Robert. [takes his cannoli]

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