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Quote from Marie in Favors

Amy: Wow, Marie. Seems like you cover for everybody.
Marie: That's what a mother does.
Ray: Yeah, a mother who wants to control everybody. You get something on everybody, and then you use it.
Debra: Yeah.
Robert: Is that what a mother does?
Marie: Excuse me. Did I ask you all to come to me and ask for these favors? You come to me because you know that I can deliver. Go out on the street and ask for those favors and see what you get. And so, yes maybe sometimes I ask for a favor in return, once in a blue moon. And you call that controlling? I call that a family.
Amy: A Mafia family.
Marie: Is that what you think, Amy?
Amy: I'm sorry.
Marie: No, no, no, maybe you're right. Maybe it's wrong for me to have all these secrets. I mean, the truth is, it's a burden to hold on to all these things that I know about everyone. Maybe I should just clear the air right now.

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