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Quote from Robert in Lateness

Amy: Maybe we should all go.
Robert: [shushes] Where were we?
Ray: Oh, just shut up, okay? You're not perfect!
Robert: Never said I was, but I'll tell you what I do say: I am more than happy to wait for my wife. And I'm sure that Amy will attest to the fact that I have waited for her plenty of times with nary a peep.
Amy: When have I ever made you wait?
Robert: Well, no, no. You know, we always get to wherever we're going on time. But when it's time for us to leave, you always like to talk to everybody one last time... because you're so sweet and sociable. So it takes you a little longer to go. But- But it's cute, honey, what you do. A- A- And when anyone asks me why am I just standing at the door doing nothing, I tell them, "I'm waiting for my wife. She's on her goodbye tour." And everybody laughs.
Amy: The Goodbye Tour? You have a name for it?
Robert: A funny name. [faint chuckle]

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