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Quote from Debra in The Surprise Party

Debra: Oh my God. What is all of this?
Lois: Happy birthday, Debra!
Debra: Oh my God. What did you do? Is this like a surprise party?
Ray: Happy birthday!
Debra: Look at this place! Oh, it's like a... A Chinese banquet or something! Oh my God! This is so amazing! Oh, thank you! [hugs Ray] Thank you so much! I can't believe you did this! And Amy! I should have known when you invited me to a museum on my birthday! That's why you didn't want to go out to eat after!
Amy: I didn't really have a stomachache!
Debra: Well... Well, hi, guys! Oh, this is so incredible! You guys are too much! And, oh, and my mom is here! Hi, Mom! [hugs Lois] You all got me! You got me good! And who thought of Chinese? Do you know that I love Chinese?
Frank: [faux enthusiasm] You do?!
Debra: I really do! Oh, Ray! How did you know?
Ray: Yeah, I don't know.
Debra: No, really, how did you know that I love Chinese?
Ray: All right, take it easy.
Debra: No, really, how did you know that I love Chi- [Debra's face drops as Ray whispers in her ear]
Marie: Happy birthday, Debra.

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