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Quote from Ray in The Disciplinarian

Ray: Okay, no TV for a month!
Geoffrey: What?!
Ray: You're going to clean this room, all right? And then I'm going to find some more work for you to do, like take out the trash every day. That's right. Used to be my job. Well, now it's yours, okay? You want to live here, I'm the boss. I don't work for you, you work for me!
Debra: What's all the yell-
Ray: No, no, no! I got it!
Michael: Mommy! Daddy's being mean!
Geoffrey: And crazy!
Ray: I'm crazy? You know what? Forget about cleaning up. It's bedtime. Come on. Say good night to mommy. Go. Get in bed. Get in bed. Come on, come on. Lie down. Lie down over there. Go! Lie down.
Debra: Ray, it's noon.
Ray: Well, that's the new bedtime! All right, I'm not kidding around anymore! No more fun stuff! If there's any more screwing around, no TV, no dessert, no Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, or Halloween!
Debra: Ray, you're being ridiculous.
Ray: Night-night. Lights out. Just put your hands over your eyes and pretend it's dark out. Come on, let's go. Sweet dreams, gentlemen. I suggest you sleep 'cause I'm filling the garbage tomorrow with the heaviest heaviest garbage!

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