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Quote from Warren in Separation

Warren: Don't cry, honey.
Debra: I can't help it. I mean, why the hell do you take vows if they don't mean anything?
Warren: We meant it then. We meant it when you were kids. But when your sister and then you went off to college, it kept getting harder.
Debra: Well, what about all the kissing, the traveling together and the Pookums 1 and 2 license plates? What was that?
Warren: I know. I know. I guess, by the end, most of that was just a show. And we had enough. We both had enough. It's not like Ray's parents.
Debra: What?
Warren: They seem to have the secret.
Debra: What?!
Warren: They know how to do it. It's not a facade for them.
Debra: But they're maniacs.
Warren: Yes, but they're honest with each other. Everything's out in the open with them. "Eggs, Marie, and hold the chatter." I love that. I'll tell you, they're the ones who oughta be giving the seminar.

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