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Quote from Debra in The Car

Debra: You know, I had to go get us towed to the garage.
Ray: So the kids got to ride on a tow truck, they must have loved that.
Debra: Yes, that was magical, Ray. Especially the part where Mommy had to pay $300 for a new fuel pump. I'm telling you, that car's a piece of junk. Your dad sold us a lemon.
Ray: Well, we got a deal. So what if we have to put a little money into it?
Debra: That's easy for you to say. Because you have to commute, you get the good car. And because I'm just the housewife, I get to drive the bucket of bolts. I want you to return it and get our money back.
Ray: No, I can't do that. Look, my father sold it to us for half of what he wanted. That's practically a gift.
Debra: The gift that keeps on taking.
Ray: I love that car. I'll take a look at it. I can fix it.
Debra: Yes, Ray. You're very mechanical. That's why I had to return your button-fly jeans.

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