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Quote from Ray in Sister-in-Law

Robert: Everybody thinks my wife is great! Everybody! So you have to tell me that she's a Lady Chatterbox who won't shut up? Oh, I know how it goes. Jealous ass.
Ray: Come on.
Robert: Jeal-ass! Yes!
Ray: Stop it. No. Come on, don't go, Robert. Stay. Come stay and watch the game. Come on. You wanna say something bad about my wife, you can. I don't care. Come on. Say it. Say it. "She's a bad cook and she's mean." [turns around and sees Debra] Hey. Hi. One second, one second. And you may think that, Robert, you'd be dead wrong. Dead wrong. Debra is a caring, beautiful, skinny person. So how's it going? [Debra walks off] Look, I saved you this chip it looks like a heart.

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