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Quote from Debra in Favors

Debra: All right, Frank, listen. You've always been honest with me, so... there's something I gotta tell you.
Frank: What?
Debra: Marie's the one that got rid of your clothes.
Frank: What?
Debra: You can't tell her I told you.
Frank: I knew it. That story had Marie's stink all over it. Why did you cover for her?
Debra: She helped me out with something and I owed her a favor.
Frank: Okay, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go strangle a woman with her own bathrobe.
Debra: No, no, no! No! You can't strangle her because then she'll know I told you, and then she'll tell... Unless you really strangle her. No, no, no.

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