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Quote from Ray in Sweet Charity

Mrs. Gorman: If you're the Angel of Death, I'm ready.
Ray: No. No. No, no. I'm not the Angel of Death.
Mrs. Gorman: Then you could use a mint.
Ray: Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm Ray. I'm helping out here today. So, I hear you like baseball.
Mrs. Gorman: What are you doing?
Ray: I'm Ray Barone. I'm a sportswriter for "New York Newsday."
Mrs. Gorman: Oh, yeah? Can you fix a radio?
Ray: What do you mean?
Mrs. Gorman: What do you think it means when somebody says they need their radio fixed?
Ray: No, I've come here to just talk to you. You know, cheer you up.
Mrs. Gorman: They finally send a man in here, and it's you.

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