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Quote from Robert in The Skit

Robert: All right, so let me get this straight it's okay to poke fun at Mom and Dad, but you guys are strictly off-limits?
Ray: No, no... No.
Debra: I mean, come on, Robert! There is a huge difference here! We had to think up what we were gonna say. They were so ready with their attack!
Ray: Yeah, it's like you practice it in your basement.
Robert: You know, I think what we're seeing here is that humor, while so often a tonic, can be a poison to those unprepared to take it.
Frank & Marie: Ah.
Ray: Yeah, great. Why don't you ba-doo-dee-do outta here?
Robert: Okay well, see, a line like that just rolls off my back, whereas if I call you a name like "Nosey Nosenstein"... You get your big honker all out of whack! Beep! Beep!

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