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Quote from Debra in Snow Day

Debra: Oh, God. Okay! Okay! What do you want me to say? That I'm better than you? Fine! I am better!
Marie: [chuckles] I was right!
Debra: Yep! Yep! You got me! You know, I was never sure if it was true, but this, tonight I really have to thank you all. 'Cause you've made it crystal clear you're all nuts!
Robert: [to Ray] Good job, man.
Marie: That was wonderful.
Debra: So you're happy that I think I'm better than you?
Marie: Not happy. I'm just glad we got this out. It's good to know. And now we know.
Ray: [chuckles] And now we know. And now we sit. Because we know.
Debra: I really need a vacation.

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