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Quote from Ray in The Sneeze

Debra: That sounds really awful, honey. You know what? [turns lights off] Maybe I can help you forget.
Ray: Hey, what are you doing? [turns lights back on] I spent the whole flight... Half the flight, I'm in the bathroom just scrubbing my face. See all this skin? New. Something's gotta be wrong.
Debra: You know, I'm sure you're fine, Ray. He was probably just sneezing from all that disinfectant they use in those bathrooms.
Ray: Hey, if there was disinfectant in that bathroom, it was getting its ass kicked. Do you think am I gonna get something?
Debra: No.
Ray: Look at my eyes. Do they look watery to you?
Debra: No, they look fine. Beautiful brown.
Ray: What about the white part? Does it look red or yellow?

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