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Quote from Ray in Pet Cemetery

Ally: Your turn, Daddy.
Ray: Uh, um... I didn't have much contact with... I didn't know Pumpernickel very well. The only thing I remember is when we brought him back from the pet store, and Ally wanted me to hold him, so I reached out to grab him and he bit me on the finger. And it hurt. So Daddy said a bad word. But Ally picked up the Pumpernickel and she showed me showed me how to hold him. Like this. Right? [Ally nods] I never noticed until just now how grown-up you are. The way you were with your friend, and what you said just now, you really, really seem grown-up. I'm proud of you.
Frank: [emotional] Damn hamster!
Ally: Daddy? Can we get a rabbit tomorrow?
Ray: Yeah, guys, whatever you want.
Kids: Yeah! Cool! A rabbit! Whoo! Yahoo! Yeah!
Ray: Rabbit. That's a bigger hole.

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