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Quote from Debra in Italy

Debra: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Ray: Yeah, listen, listen, stop dancing, stop. Stop. You understand that this is a vacation with my family, okay? Don't we want a vacation from my family?
Debra: If they're gonna bother me anyway, I'll take bothered in Italy.
Ray: But we were gonna go to the Jersey shore.
Debra: Italy. Free trip to Italy.
Ray: I don't know. I'm not really interested in other cultures.
Debra: Okay, you know, in the past, your dumbness has gotten in the way of just like a few things that I've wanted to do: the book club, theater, having conversations. But I just wanna say this one thing, and we won't have to discuss it anymore: You're not blowing this for me, pal! We're going to Italy!

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