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Quote from Frank in The Can Opener

Frank: You wanted a thank you? Where was my thank you?! I waltzed in, huh?! I dragged my ass home every day after 10 hours stuck in a suit, stuck in an office, stuck in a car. And if I needed coins to pay the tolls that got me to that job, that paid for that meat, that made that fat, then I'll dump it out whenever I want and I don't care what you say! [Ray jumps in the air]
Marie: That's right. You don't care. You have never cared about how hard I work just to serve you.
Frank: Hey, I don't have to care. That's your job!
Ray: Whoa.
Robert: [licks his finger to get the last drop of Pepto Bismol] On the other hand, sometimes it can be about the can opener.

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