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Quote from Ray in Golf

Doctor Sundram: Hey, Ray. Have a seat.
Ray: Oh, boy, what's that supposed to mean?
Doctor Sundram: It means you're welcome to sit. Let's see. Your EKG's fine, blood pressure is fine. Did I see your brother Robert in the waiting room?
Ray: Yeah. How are his feet doing?
Doctor Sundram: Have they cleared up yet?
Ray: It's been a while since I've seen his feet, really.
Doctor Sundram: I'll tell you, that was an uphill battle.
Doctor Sundram: Anyway, Ray, from what I see here, you're in good health. I think it was nothing more than a little anxiety.
Ray: Oh, man, is that it? What did I have, an anxiety attack?
Doctor Sundram: I prefer to call it an episode. Robert's feet was an attack.

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