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Quote from Marie in Robert's Wedding

Robert: Do you realize that you have ruined every single event I've ever had in my life?
Marie: What are you getting so upset about? We're just talking.
Robert: The elementary school play? You tried to put different pants on me.
Marie: You got yours dirty. Any mother would've done the same.
Robert: Not while I was on stage! Huh? You don't see a pattern here?!
Marie: A pattern of love. I mean, for years I kept thinking if only I had spoken up at your first wedding to that terrible dancer. And as I recall... [The reverend sits down] As I recall, you were fine with me interfering when you needed someone to throw that hussy out of the house. [to Amy] Not that that would ever happen here, dear. [to Robert] All I'm saying is I love you, and I love Amy, and I just want to make sure that you're marrying today for love, and only for love, because that's the only way a marriage can stay together. Isn't that right, Frank?
Frank: I don't know who you are, lady.
Marie: Robbie, I said what I had to say, and it came from love. Now you do what you want. This is your life. I feel better now. Go ahead, Reverend.

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