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Quote from Robert in Sweet Charity

Robert: Now, Timmy, that's a little rude. These kind people didn't come here to get insulted. [as Timmy] "Then maybe they should close their robes!"
Ray: What are you doing?
Robert: Now, Timmy, it won't do to have you talk like that while you're on duty, so let me remove your badge. "Gentle. It's nailed on. I hope the doctors here have some wood glue!"
Ray: That doesn't make sense. It's not a wood puppet.
Woman: Shh!
Robert: "All right. Now I can loosen up. Hello, doll face. What's your name?"
Margaret: Margaret.
Robert: "Well, you're a real looker. Maybe if you break your hip, I can be your splint. Ha-cha-cha-cha!" Easy, Timmy! I'm sorry.
Ray: He's not wood. He's made of plastic.
Robert: "Hey, folks, what do you think this guy's doing in the hospital, huh? Probably dropped in for an emergency nose reduction. Ladies and gentlemen, my cousin Pinocchio!"

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