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Quote from Ray in Raybert

Robert: Will you stop it? Stop being so funny. Everybody thinks I'm the funny one. He's the funny one. This guy is a crack-up. You're a great cop. Get out of here!
Ray: No, no. I'm an okay cop. I would rather be a great writer like my brother Raymond. He's a cultural hero.
Robert: You're out of your mind. I'm just a scribbler.
Ray: A scribbler, yeah. Did you happen to see the profile of Cal Ripken Jr?
Natasha: Oh, I loved that piece.
Ray: Really? Me, too.
Robert: What about you? Robert's planning a clothing drive for the police athletic league. He just can't stop with the giving.
Natasha: I don't believe you two.
Robert: No?
Natasha: I've never met two brothers who get along so well and admire each other so much. It's unreal.
Ray: It is unreal.
Natasha: Well, somebody raised you right. You must have amazing parents.
Ray: Yeah. [clears throat] They would amaze you.

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