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Quote from Amy in Meant to Be

Robert: Oh, good, Amy, you're here. I'm gonna need your office address.
Amy: Who the hell is Stefania?
Robert: Uh... uh... uh...
Amy: Sounds like a girl's name. Girl you met in Italy?
Robert: Uh...
Amy: What did you do with her in Italy?
Robert: Very little.
[Amy steps up onto the couch and slaps Robert across the face]
Robert: I'm sorry.
[Amy steps down off the couch, walks over to the door and then turns back. She jumps up on the couch and once again slaps Robert across the face]
Amy: I saved myself for you.
Robert: Really sorry.
Amy: Goodbye, Robert. [exits]
Robert: But we're meant to be.
Ray: When she got up on the couch the second time, what did you think she was gonna do?

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