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Quote from Frank in Left Back

Frank: What, now you're mad? I don't get you two! I'm thinking of the kid. You know, we thought that leaving little Raymond back didn't hurt him any, but who the crap knows? You could have been a year ahead in your life right now. That car you're saving up for? You could be driving that today. You could have bought the house a year sooner, met Debra a year sooner, had the kids a year sooner which if you did, by the way, would put Michael right on track and we wouldn't have to have this conversation!
Debra: All right, just hold it, Frank. Do you wanna help the kids? Why don't you start by setting a decent moral example? None of this matters! Do you understand? They're four. We just want them to be healthy and happy!
Frank: Good luck on that one.
Debra: That's where you get it from.
Ray: That's great. I'm gonna be stupid and bald.

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