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Quote from Marie in The Can Opener

Marie: I'll tell you what jar of fat. It was beautiful. It was fat from pancetta and golden brown sausage. You'd have to be a cook to understand. But it was months of carefully selecting only the best drippings to prepare meals for Il Duce.
Frank: Yeah, you made all those meals just for me and then you went out jogging.
Marie: That was my kitchen! You had no right to go in there and throw out my fat!
Frank: That jar was for my coins. I needed that!
Marie: You're selfish!
Frank: Fat collector!
Marie: Oh, you never appreciated me ever! Never! You never ever appreciated me! I would work my fingers to the bone all day with the kids with the cooking and the cleaning and the laundry, and then you'd waltz in with your list of demands and not even a thank you.

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