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Quote from Amy in Robert Moves Back

Marie: I will not be talked to that way.
Amy: Look, sorry. I've had a very rough couple of days here. I wait my whole life for the right time and the right man to be my first, and now an entire building has a petition against me. And then the second time I'm with my first, his mother walks in on us. And now you're ready to get married just to make her happy? What is this hold she has on you?
Ray: [to Debra] See, it's not just me.
Amy: I can't even cry, because if I dab my eyes, my pants will fall down. So excuse me, Marie, for not being polite. And by the way, sometimes the noodles in your lasagna are overcooked. [storms out; all gasp]
Marie: Clearly, that is not the girl for you. You understand, Robby? Robby? Robby! [Robert leaves] Where is he going?
Frank: Maybe his wallet is in those pants.

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