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Quote from Marie in Good Girls

Marie: Okay, yes! Frank and I succumbed to temptation once. Just once before we were married. I was weak and I fell for your father's boyish good looks. That was a long time ago. I knew we shouldn't do what we did, but we were in love. Right, Frank?
Frank: I wanted sex. It was a long time ago.
Debra: So, it was just the once, and then you got married?
Frank: It was just the once, and then we had to get married.
Marie: Frank, no!
Ray: Whoa, whoa, whoa. "Had to get married"? Wait. Wait a minute. So, Robert's...
Robert: What? Oh!
Marie: All right. It's true. We got married after I found out I was pregnant. And then Robbie came along seven months later.
Frank: Our plan was to tell people he was two months premature. Then he was born. Try passing off a 12-pound baby as premature.
Marie: Try passing it, period.

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