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Quote from Ray in The Ball

Ray: Ho, ho, ho. Ho, ho, ho. Ally! [kicks Ally's bed] Ho, ho, ho.
Ally: Santa?
Ray: Hi, Ally.
Ally: You must be the real one.
Ray: Well, I know how much you believed in me and I just wanted to come by and say, thanks for the support.
Ally: You're welcome.
Ray: I have to go now. I have to fill all the stockings and eat all the cookies, and in general this is one of my busiest nights of the year.
Ally: Will you tuck me in, Santa?
Ray: Yeah, sure I'll tuck you in. Anything else that you need? A jug of water? A trip to the bathroom?
Ally: No, thank you.
Ray: Okay then. Sweet dreams. Always.
Ally: Santa.
Ray: Yeah?
Ally: See you next year.
Ray: Okay. Bye-bye. [trips] Oh, f-- Fa la la la la. [crawls out]

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