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Quote from Julius in Everybody Hates Eggs

Adult Chris: [v.o.] While I was trying to raise my baby, my father was trying to lower the electric bill.
[in the living room, Julius turns off the TV :]
Drew: I was watching that.
Julius: I've seen it; Rosebud's his sled.
[in Tonya's room, Julius unplugs her boombox:]
Tonya: I was listening to that.
Julius: I've heard it; the baby's not his.
Adult Chris: [v.o.] Got that right.
[in the kitchen, Julius turns the dial down on the toaster oven:]
Rochelle: That's too low. That's gonna take all night to cook.
Julius: You can eat in the morning. Combine breakfast and dinner. Call it brinner.
Rochelle: You have officially lost your mind. [Julius takes a picture of the refrigerator] What's that?
Julius: A picture. Now you can figure out what you want and where it is before you open the fridge.
Rochelle: Well, what about if I take something out?
Julius: Then you just cross the item off the picture.

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