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Quote from Greg in Everybody Hates Valentine's Day

Chris: The girl on the bus. She gave me one yesterday.
Greg: And you didn't tell me? I know I go to bed early, but you could still call and wake me up when something this important happens.
Chris: Yeah, well, I wanted to tell you in person. I broke up a fight between her and her boyfriend.
Greg: You broke up a fight?
Chris: Yeah, and she gave me this card.
Greg: Dude, this is huge.
Chris: Is it? I-I don't know. It... It's just a card.
Greg: A card is, "I'm yours for the taking." How in there do you have to be before you get it?
Chris: Why is it that when it comes to me, you know so much about girls, but you freak out when one gives you a card?
Greg: I guess it's kind of like not being able to cut your own hair.

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