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Quote from Rochelle in Everybody Hates Snow Day

Gunman: Come on, the bag! Put it in the bag! Get to the back! Come on!
Adult Chris: [v.o.] My mother had lost her money, but there was only so much she could take.
Rochelle: Good day to rob a train, huh?
Gunman: Watch your mouth!
Rochelle: Why?! You done already took my money! What else you gonna take, my seat?
Gunman: I might shoot you!
Rochelle: And you might go to jail! You got six bullets and nine passengers, which leaves three witnesses, and 25 years to life!
Luther: Don't shoot her, shoot me.
Gunman: Don't tell me who to shoot!
Rochelle: What are you, trying to get shot?!
Gunman: Shut up! [the woman screams again] Will you be quiet?!
Rochelle: Sit down.

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