Erin Quote #129

Quote from Erin in Halloween

Clare: It is sort of your fault, James. You tore the tickets up.
Erin: What the hell were you thinking?
James: I don't know. I was high on adrenaline. Anyway, what does it matter? I was never gonna win that fight. The man's the size of a wardrobe.
Erin: But you're English, James. About five of you managed to colonise half the planet, so, you know, we thought you might have something up your sleeve.
James: Well, I didn't.


 ‘Halloween’ Quotes

Quote from Clare

Erin: Why don't you just tell her?
Clare: Because it's pathetic, Erin.
Laurie: Hi, there.
Clare: Hi, I'm a lesbian!
Laurie: Congratulations.
Clare: Thank you.
Laurie: How many of you are there?
Clare: Just me. Just the one lesbian. The rest of them are straight.

Quote from Orla

Erin: Ach, I just love Halloween. It's the one night of the year that Protestants and Catholics set aside their political and religious differences and just come together...
Orla: And fight ghosts.
Erin: No, Orla.

Quote from Aunt Sarah

Sean Coyle: [on radio] Good morning, you're listening to Sean Coyle on BBC Radio Foyle. Let's kick things off with today's phone-in competition. So, with Halloween night less than a week away, we want to know the festival's original name. What did the ancient Celts call Halloween? If you think you know the answer, give us a buzz on 418352.
Aunt Sarah: I tell you who'd know that. Kitty Reilly.
Mary: Really?
Aunt Sarah: Her son's in the ancient Celts.
Mary: Her son plays for Celtic.
Aunt Sarah: Sure, this is what I'm saying.