Sister Michael Quote #65

Quote from Sister Michael in The Haunting

[Sister Michael stops her Delorean and opens the bat-wing door to talk to a man stood in front of a house]
Sister Michael: How are you, Jackie?
Jackie: [answers in Irish]
Sister Michael: Thank you. Though she's at peace now, at least.
Jackie: [responds in Irish]
Sister Michael: She was a bit of an arsehole all right, that's true enough. [Sheila walks out] Ah, it's herself. How are you keeping, Sheila?
Sheila: Chonaic me an diabhal amhain!
Sister Michael: Oh, for the love of God, Sheila. You did not see the devil that night. Well, you may have, but only because you were absolutely flying on the co-codamol. Never worry
Sheila: [responds in Irish]
Sister Michael: I'll see the both of you up at the wake for a jar or two so. Slan.


 ‘The Haunting’ Quotes

Quote from Michelle

Michelle: Ugh. Where the hell are we?
James: I'll ask this woman. Excuse me? Sorry to bother you.
Sheila: A chairde. Cad e mar ata sibh?
James: Jesus, is she having a stroke?
Erin: She is an Irish speaker, James.
James: Oh, why can't everyone just speak English?
Michelle: Well, your crowd had a good stab at forcing the entire world to, but we didn't really enjoy it much, James. Imperialist prick!

Quote from Michelle

Clare: We had plans tonight.
Michelle: We can turn our jeans into hot pants any day of the week. We're talking about a free house here, Clare, a free house. We're gonna be drinking, dancing and riding.
Erin: Quick question on the old riding front there.
Michelle: Go on?
Erin: Who exactly will we be doing that with?
Michelle: Young, hot farmers. Donegal is coming down with them. Big strapping lads ripped to fuck from all the turf collecting.
Clare: Oh, don't worry about me.
Michelle: There's actually quite a few lesbians as well, Clare.
Clare: Lesbian farmers? Really?
Michelle: Lesbian farming is actually huge in the Republic. We'll get you sorted, don't worry.

Quote from Sister Michael

Sister Michael: Listen. I'm not going to make excuses for these kids, but... life has dealt them a very cruel hand, and they're living with a very serious condition. Truth is, Declan, they're from Derry.
Declan: Oh, God.
Michelle: Aye.
Declan: Well, that's punishment enough, I suppose.
Sister Michael: Quite.