James Quote #57

Quote from James in The Haunting

Michelle: Oh, you sick, sick bastards.
Erin: Listen, Michelle...
Michelle: This is incest!
James: No, it's not.
Michelle: Yes, it is, James.
James: We're not related.
Michelle: Oh, and that makes it OK, I suppose?
James: Well, it makes it not incest.
Michelle: Right, OK. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, and say that that head injury was much worse than what we thought, and you are temporarily possessed by whatever evil spirit is rattling about this joint, which has caused you to lose the absolute fucking run of yourself.
James: This is none of your business, Michelle.
Michelle: Oh, but it is, fuck features. It is very much my business. This can't happen. OK? You two can't get together, because, putting aside the fact that it makes me want to boke my actual ring up, if you get together, you'll break up, and then where does that leave me, Erin? You might be my best friend but he's my cousin, and dickhead or not, I'll have to stick with him. Don't put me in that position.


 ‘The Haunting’ Quotes

Quote from Michelle

Michelle: Ugh. Where the hell are we?
James: I'll ask this woman. Excuse me? Sorry to bother you.
Sheila: A chairde. Cad e mar ata sibh?
James: Jesus, is she having a stroke?
Erin: She is an Irish speaker, James.
James: Oh, why can't everyone just speak English?
Michelle: Well, your crowd had a good stab at forcing the entire world to, but we didn't really enjoy it much, James. Imperialist prick!

Quote from Michelle

Clare: We had plans tonight.
Michelle: We can turn our jeans into hot pants any day of the week. We're talking about a free house here, Clare, a free house. We're gonna be drinking, dancing and riding.
Erin: Quick question on the old riding front there.
Michelle: Go on?
Erin: Who exactly will we be doing that with?
Michelle: Young, hot farmers. Donegal is coming down with them. Big strapping lads ripped to fuck from all the turf collecting.
Clare: Oh, don't worry about me.
Michelle: There's actually quite a few lesbians as well, Clare.
Clare: Lesbian farmers? Really?
Michelle: Lesbian farming is actually huge in the Republic. We'll get you sorted, don't worry.

 James Maguire Quotes

Quote from Episode Five

James: Why doesn't someone just call the police?
Erin: Cos that's not how things work around here, James.
James: Well, how do things work here? How do they work? Will one of you please explain it to me, because sometimes I feel like I've gone through the fucking looking glass!
Clare: Calm down, James.
Michelle: Aye, don't be such a dick, James.

Quote from The Agreement

Michelle: In fact, Cool Runnings is probably one of my favourite films.
Jenny: Right. I haven't seen that one.
Aisling: Me either.
Tomas: Nor me, I'm afraid.
James: We have to leave.
Michelle: Shh!
James: They haven't seen Cool Runnings, Michelle. I don't trust these people.