Da Gerry Quote #26

Quote from Da Gerry in The President

Joe: I won't miss my chance! Not again! You hear me, boy?
Gerry: What the hell is he planning to do?
Mary: When JFK came to Dublin, Uncle Colm met him, and Daddy didn't.
Joe: Things are gonna be different this time, I tell you.
Gerry: JFK spoke to Colm? Christ, that man didn't have much luck, did he?


 ‘The President’ Quotes

Quote from Uncle Colm

Colm: This Clinton boyo is actually America's 42nd president, which is interesting now, because JFK, well, he was the 35th.
Joe: Why is that interesting?
Colm: Well, I suppose it's not really. Sometimes I'll just say something to get me from one sentence to the other, Joe, you know how it is.
Jim: It should be just up here on the left.
Colm: I'm not sure what number Nixon was, now. Or your man, what do you call him, the beardy fella in the hat. The one who knocked the aul slavery on the head?
Gerry: Lincoln.
Colm: The very boy. But then there was the 27th... [time lapse] America's 30th. And then there was the lad they named all the vacuum cleaners after.
Gerry: Jesus wept.

Quote from Aunt Sarah

Sarah: Tell me this, wains. How were the eyebrows?
Erin: What do you mean?
Sarah: The eyebrows. Were they looking well?
Erin: I didn't really notice her eyebrows.
Sarah: Cathy Maguire had the best eyebrows in Derry back in her day. She'd could have given Joan Crawford a run for her money. Isn't that right, Mary?
Mary: I've no time for Cathy Maguire. The woman abandoned her own wain, Sarah. She always was one cold, self-serving wee madam.
Sarah: I'm not talking about her. I'm talking about her eyebrows. Cathy and her eyebrows are two separate entities.
Mary: All right, don't be getting worked up.
Sarah: Well, I just think you should be able to compliment a woman's eyebrows without having her personality dragged into it.

 Gerry Quinn Quotes

Quote from Episode Five

Mary: What are they, stilts?
Joe: Golf clubs.
Sarah: I thought... spatulas.
Gerry: They're rifles!
Sarah: Really? Are you sure?
Gerry: Fairly sure! I also don't understand what connection spatulas, golf clubs or stilts would have to the Irish resistance!
Joe: Christ, he's a dose.

Quote from Episode Five

Joe: Well, there was absolutely no need for that.
Sarah: Jesus, Gerry!
Michelle: Harsh.
Emmett: Awful.
Clare: Poor girl.
Erin: Aye, I can't believe you did that, Daddy.
Gerry: I... You asked me to! How could I have known...? Will you all just stop looking at me? Fine... Fine. D'you know what? Fine! I've had it with the lot of ye! And just for the record, back there, I was being an Australian tourist, OK? Australian! And I happen to think that my accent was flawless! [Australian accent] Excuse me, mate! Can you help us get outta here? [normal] Flawless!