Derry Girls - Ma Mary Quote #52

Quote from Ma Mary in The Prom

Erin: This is a huge deal. This is a massive, massive deal. I'm going to the prom with John Paul O'Reilly, for God's sake. Oh, come on, Mammy.
Mary: I don't care if you're going to the prom with John Paul II, Erin. I'm not buying you another frock. End of story.
Erin: But, Mammy, you don't understand.
Mary: There's nothing wrong with your Easter dress.
Erin: There is lots of things wrong with my Easter dress.
Mary: I mean, it matches Orla's.
Erin: That being the main one.
Orla: Honestly, Erin, I think we'll look so cracker if we both rock in wearing these.
Erin: Right. Well, I don't.


‘The Prom’ Quotes

Quote from Sister Michael

Sister Michael: OK, just a couple of things. Firstly, I'd like to introduce Mae Cheung. Can you make yourself known, please, Mae? Miss Cheung's family have recently moved here to Derry so I hope you'll all make her feel very welcome. It's bound to be a bit of a culture shock, Mae. Things are done... differently in this part of the world. But I'm sure you'll soon feel as at home here as you did back in your beloved Donegal. Announcement from Jenny Joyce and the dance committee. "The school social event of the year is fast approaching, but before you don your glad rags... and boogie on dow..." I'm sorry, I simply cannot read this.

Quote from Michelle

Michelle: This doesn't do my baps any justice.
Clare: Have you decided who you're bringing yet?
Michelle: I've narrowed it down to two. There's big Johnny Kells who works in Dunnes. Thick as fuck, but a massive, massive ride. Then there's this other fella, he's not as thick, but he's also not as hot, although I have heard he is really good with his hands. And when I say he's good with his hands, I'm not talking about putting up shelves, girls. I'm talking about...
James: Everybody knows what you're talking about, Michelle!
Michelle: ...fingering.
James: Honestly!

Quote from James

James: Jesus Christ, look! Above the stage, look! She's not gonna do a Carrie!
Michelle: Fuck-a-doodle-do!
Clare: What's a Carrie? What does that mean?
James: You've never seen Carrie?
Michelle: Aw, it's some film, Clare.
Erin: Amazing.
Orla: Aye, you should check it out.
Clare: Expand and explain! Expand and explain!
James: So, Carrie is voted Prom Queen and this bully pours a bucket of pig's blood on her.
Clare: Jesus Christ!
James: I mean, lots of other stuff happens, too, but that's the, sort of, relevant bit.

Ma Mary Quotes

Quote from The Concert

News Presenter: [on TV] Despite John Hume's optimism earlier today, the DUP leader, Ian Paisley, has said that under no circumstances will his party sit at the same table as Sinn Fein, making all party talks impossible.
Mary: I can't take it any more. All these false promises. Waiting week after week, hoping today might be the day, only to be disappointed.
Gerry: Don't upset yourself, love. It's just a wheelie bin.
Mary: It'll change my life, Gerry. And Strabane's had them for months. I mean, what's going on there? Who's pulling the strings for Strabane?

Quote from Episode Five

Mary: Already? It's started already?
Gerry: I think it's just a rehearsal, love.
Mary: They've been playing the same three songs since 1795. What do they need to rehearse for?

Quote from The President

Mary: Christ, I'm at my wits' end!
Gerry: Firstly, he's not coming to Derry until tomorrow.
Mary: Have you see the heck of those skirting boards, Gerry? I'd need a week to tackle them.
Gerry: And secondly, I think it's unlikely he'll call to our house.
Mary: He might call, Gerry.
Sarah: Aye, he might take a notion.
Gerry: I think presidential visits are quite carefully planned. I'm not sure there's an awful lot of room for notion-taking.
Mary: Hope you're right, Gerry. For it's like Beirut in here. I mean, when was the last time these were bleached? I couldn't hand Hillary that.
Sarah: I'd say she keeps her place shining, Mary.
Mary: Sure she'd put you to shame.