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Quote from The Night Before

Chief Inspector Byers: We've had several reports of suspicious activity on the grounds of Our Lady Immaculate College this evening. Following up on that lead, we discover you five on the premises, that the locks on the side door have been forced, and the alarm system deactivated. Now, we can't get hold of the headmistress, one... Sister George Michael.
James: George Michael?


Quote from Ms De Brún and the Child of Prague

Ms. De Brún: Dig deep, something you hate, something you despise. No holding back. Come on! Get it out!
Erin: Injustice!
Ms. De Brún: Yes!
Clare: Prejudice!
Ms. De Brún: Good! This is good!
Michelle: Mass!
Ms. De Brún: Come on!
Orla: My own socks!
Ms. De Brún: Ok.
Jenny: Being late for school!
Aisling: Piano lessons!
James: The fact that people here use the word "wee" to describe things that aren't even actually that small!
Ms. De Brún: God, but I love that accent, James!

Quote from The Curse

Orla: You can touch her if you want?
James: Why the hell would I want to touch her?!
Orla: It's nice.
James: Stop it!
Clare: It's just a dead body, James. We're all going to be one someday.
James: Oh, thanks for that, Clare. Yeah, that's helped.

Quote from The Concert

Rita: Let's get a move on!
Michelle: Right, get in the van. Come on. And do not test me, cos we've already missed PJ and Duncan.
Clare: Is that who was supporting them?
Michelle: Aye.
Clare: Aw, I really like them!
James: I'm not leaving, Michelle.
Michelle: Not even for Gary Barlow?
Jonjo: I don't really rate him as a songwriter, you know?
James: I'm sorry, Jonjo, but you've just crossed the line there.

Quote from Episode Three

Father Peter: Anyone else? Yes, James.
James: Is that a firm hold gel you're using there?
Father Peter: It's a mousse.
James: And where do you...
Father Peter: Hair and Flair.
James: Oh, I didn't realise!
Father Peter: They do a men's range, yes.

Quote from Episode Three

James: Peter! Peter, Peter, where are you going? Peter, wait. I've got the most amazing news. I've had a calling. I've decided to follow in your footsteps. I've decided to serve God.
Father Peter: Don't be such a dick, James.

Quote from Episode Three

James: I have a slight concern the truth might affect my friendship with Peter.
Clare: You don't have a friendship with Peter.
James: Yes, I do! We have a lot in common, Clare.
Clare: Like what? I mean, apart from the fact you appear to be wearing his clothes!
James: Like the fact that we're both very spiritual, but mainly the fact that he doesn't think I'm a dick, and neither do I.

Quote from Episode Three

Erin: What are you wearing?
Michelle: What did I say? You look like a fucking ball bag.
Orla: Your hair's all funny.
James: I just put a bit too much mousse in it, that's all.

Quote from Across the Barricade

James: So should us two bad bastards hook up or what?
Jon: I'm sorry?
James: Um, will you be my buddy, please?
Jon: Sure.

Quote from Across the Barricade

Erin: I'm not sure about this.
Michelle: I knew you'd fanny out!
Erin: These lads have moves. You said so yourself, Michelle. And I haven't got any moves!
Michelle: Look, let's just get in there, have a few drinks and just loosen up a bit.
Clare: No! No loosening up! I don't like it!
James: Just be confident, Erin. Boys like that.
Michelle: How the fuck would you know what boys like?
James: Cos I'm a boy, Michelle! I'm a real live boy.
Orla: Aw, yeah, like Pinocchio.

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